Guided Imagery and Visualisation for Manifesting

A fortnight ago, I wrote a blog post about the difference between meditation and visualisation as passive and active modes, respectively, of manifestation. In this blog post I want to focus on how visualisation works for manifesting. We will also look at the slight variation of the technique, Guided Imagery.

If we think about the literal meaning of ‘visualisation’, we only think of a process of seeing, seeing in our mind’s eye. However, visualisation is really meant to be a whole body, in fact a whole being, process. The feelings that we feel in our body, mind and soul while we visualise or imagine a process is what sends the energetic signals to the Universe. This is the reason why and this is how visualisation works as a manifesting technique. The Universe is an infinite field of energy. Energies of same or similar frequencies are attracted to each other and sometimes (depending on lot many factors) they take a material form. Since us humans are a material manifestation ourselves, we interact with the Universe in a very material way. When we visualise or imagine something, we imagine it in material form. Hence, we manifest it in material form.

World-class athletes are well-known to use visualisation for achieving their goals. The athlete imagines, with all her/his body, mind and soul, how it feels to perform their athletic task in a given competition and they imagine themselves winning that Gold. They do not merely see themselves doing it, they feel it. They feel the feelings of the adrenalin rush that gives them boost to a peak performance. They feel the euphoria of winning the Gold. These feelings, which are of course energy, are emitted our into the Universe from their being and attract material scenarios that give those feelings a material form – the athletes material body feeling those feelings because they have performed and won.

This is how manifestation works. This is why it is important to feel it. If you cannot visualise very well, that is alright. You can surely feel how you would feel when you experience your desired scenario.

Guided Imagery is when someone else guides you through imagining a particular scenery and/or scenario. Visualisation is when you do it yourself. Imagining, day dreaming, these are all various ways of visualising and hence manifesting. Now that you know how these techniques result in manifesting, next time you catch yourself day-dreaming, be more aware of what you are manifesting and how to put a feeling into the process.

Happy manifesting!

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  1. Chandrahas Halai
    April 12, 2017

    Good work!!

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