Yin and Yang of Manifesting

Manifesting‘ is a buzz word these days. Manifesting your reality, manifesting a soulmate, manifesting a 6 figure income, the list goes on. There even are manifesting challenges! But what is manifesting? What are we exactly doing when we say we’re manifesting something?

The Universe has created us humans and gifted us with consciousness. We’re still trying to fully understand what consciousness is. However, we’ve gotten a fair idea of how we use it for creation. The field of Quantum sciences has shown us how, with our thoughts and feelings, we emit energetic signals into the Universe and how they’re then matched with similar frequency energy in form of more thoughts and feelings or even experiences and objects. Practising mindfulness techniques is a powerful way of manifesting by coming into the present moment and becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs in that moment.

Meditation and Visualisation are 2 mindfulness techniques or spiritual practices that are very effective for manifesting. They compliment each other in the way in which manifesting happens using these practices. Meditation is a more passive / receptive / Yin approach to manifesting whereas Visualisation is a more active / giving / Yang approach. Let me explain.

Meditation is a process of non-judgementally observing our mind and all that goes on in it. Unfortunately, most people mistake meditation for a process of forcing thoughts away from the mind and making it be silent. There is no forcing in meditation. It is a process of learning to be in the present moment, observing and going with the flow without judging. It is a process of increasing awareness. When the mind is simply being observed and there are no judgements, the mind goes quiet by itself. Because it has nothing to work on. Once the silent, empty space is created, our being is more receptive to the energies that Universe is bringing to us. Hence, meditation is a receptive or Yin mode of manifesting. We’re simply receiving and accepting without judgement, all that the Universe brings us and hence, it becomes manifest quicker.

Visualisation is a process of seeing and feeling in our mind, that which we wish to manifest. By visualising our preferred scenario – at the exclusion of all others – we’re giving the Universe an energetic recipe of what we want it to create for us. Out of all the infinite possibilities, we’re choosing one and focusing our attention, our energy, our being on it. This is, therefore, an active or Yang mode of manifesting. The clearer we are in telling the Universe how we want to feel in a particular situation visualised, the quicker the manifesting. If you give the chef a kitchen with only the exact ingredients that go into your pie, the chef can create the pie fast and to your requirement. If the kitchen is loaded with ingredients that don’t go into the pie, the chef spends a lot of time looking for the ones that they need to create the pie. Hence, a delay results.

Practicing both these modes of manifesting regularly makes the process whole. Yin and Yang need to be balanced for the Universe to continue in a holistic way. If you’re interested in further exploring how to use meditation, visualisation and guided imagery for manifesting your desires, the upcoming online course – Mindfulness techniques for Manifesting – might be of your interest. Stay tuned for details.

Happy manifesting!

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