Happy 2017! Let the beginnings begin!!

2017 is a ‘1’ year. What that means is that if you add up all the digits in the number ‘2017’, they add up to ‘1’. ‘1’ is a number of beginning because that is where everything begins. So this year is also meant to be great for starting new things or a good time for initiating changes.

What are the top 3 things you would want to start anew?

What are the top 3 things you would want to change?

Here are my top 5 tips for you, to make your process of start or change easier.

  1. Start anyway : Most of us have the affliction of feeling under-prepared for a start or a change, no matter how long we’ve been preparing for it. We tell ourselves, I will start my own business once my kids are big enough, I will make the diet change once the holiday season is over, I will stop hating myself once I am dress size 7 … and on and on. You are ready now! Just do it!!
  2. Take baby-steps : Starting something new and making a change are not the easiest things in the world. In fact, they require much courage and determination. So be gentle with yourself in this process. Take one small step at a time. Achieve a balance between serial procrastination and pushing yourself over the edge.
  3. Take step B without knowing steps C onwards : Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Our ego needs to feel in control all the time. So it will tell you that you need to see the whole path, till your destination, right from your start point. You don’t! The Universe will give you guidance one step at a time. Take that step and know that the next one will appear.
  4. Build yourself up! : Appreciate yourself for your efforts, courage and discipline. Berating yourself for you mistakes will only discourage you from continuing on the journey. So build yourself up, don’t beat yourself up. Mistakes are meant to be learned from, not used for belittling yourself.
  5. Be grateful : Gratitude is one of the most, if not the most, powerful energy in the Universe. Feeling grateful for what you already have or achieved, will bring you more experiences to feel grateful for. Like attracts like. That’s the Law. So be grateful for being where you are in life.

The process of starting something new of making a change is a challenging process. So in addition to following and practising the above tips, the most important thing to do is to love yourself through the process. Unfortunately, that is quite a daunting, if not impossible, process for most of us. So if you feel you need support in accepting yourself as you are, and progress to loving yourself, my free video series releasing next week is the very thing you want to watch and learn from. Sign up for theRadiance Holistic Wellness newsletter to be notified of the update of this video series.

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