Creating peace – within and without

I recently did a FB Live for a group I am a member of – Empaths, Psychics and Sensitives – where I shared a meditation and a prayer with the members for with the intention of creating a more peaceful world. Before I went on to the meditation and prayer, I shared my thoughts on peace. I am writing this post with the intention of sharing the same with you all.

Individual and Collective

I believe that each one of us contributes to what is happening in the world at that time. The individual consciousness adds to the collective consciousness and the collective is also reflected in the individual. This is how the entire Universe works. Micro makes macro and macro shapes micro. Both are equally important and interdependent.

How do I contribute to the loss of peace in the world?, I hear you ask. I will explain how. Before we go there, please understand that this is only to make you aware of your role and your power in co-creation. Please do not judge or criticise yourself after understanding the role you play. Awareness is the first step towards change and change is a choice you have.

Being at peace

The Earth and the Universe is a sum total of the consciousness, the emotional state, the wellbeing of all the beings on and in it. Hence, for the Earth to be at peace, you and I need to be at peace. Are we? Are we at peace with who we are, what we have, where our life is going, how we’re spending our time? I believe most of us will answer a resounding “No.”

To be at peace with myself (and my life), I need to unconditionally accept myself (and my life). Unconditional acceptance is the key to many things – peaceful existence, spiritual growth, living our purpose, experiencing enlightenment – all those things we yearn for at the deepest level of our being. So why do we not live in unconditional acceptance? I believe, the whole point of choosing to experience human existence, is to spiritually grow back into the state of unconditional acceptance that we came from.

Connect with peace within

A great way to start your journey towards unconditional acceptance (and self-acceptance) is to start connecting with the UniversalĀ unconditional acceptance, Universal peace, Universal source that is within each one of us. How do I connect with the Source? Get yourself to a place of non-judgemental observation – of self and of the world around you. How do I do that? Start meditating regularly – ideally, daily. If you’re unsure about whether you can meditate or are apprehensive about it, definitely read my upcoming blog post, where I will discuss exactly that.

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