Personalised solutions

Each one of us has come into this human form with a unique life purpose, a unique spiritual path to follow and unique lessons to learn. At Radiance Holistic Wellness, we recognise and acknowledge this uniqueness and design holistic wellness solutions that are uniquely aligned to YOUR spiritual path.

Although we do offer standard workshops, readings and healing sessions, Radiance Holistic Wellness specialises in designing personalised holistic wellness solutions that combine required aspects of various holistic healing modalities.

Step 1 : You speak, we listen. Share with us your concerns, expectations and goals on your journey of self-exploration.

Step 2 : Design together. With your valuable inputs, we design a holistic healing programme that aligns with YOUR unique journey of awareness and healing.

Step 3 : Time to heal. Your journey of awareness and healing begins with following the path designed uniquely for YOU, while we guide you and provide support along the way.

Step 4 : Celebrate YOU. Give yourself a pat on the back! You had the courage to uncover the deepest layers of your Being and heal what needed to healed. The journey has just begun!!!

Our ever-expanding list of healing modalities currently includes Heal Your Life® philosophy, Angel healing, EFT / Tapping and Ho’oponopono. All our services are available in-person and online, making it possible for Radiance Holistic Wellness to support people worldwide.

To get in touch with Radhika for a FREE consultation, email her at Looking forward to hearing from you!