Radhika Naik-Deshpande

Radhika’s expertise, qualifications and interests are a not-so-common blend of science and spirituality. Founder of Radiance Holistic Wellness, Radhika is a licensed and certified Heal Your Life® workshop leader. She is deeply passionate about the union of science and spirituality.

From science ...

Radhika holds a doctorate in Nuclear Chemistry, which she earned in the US. She then moved to Australia to work for the Australian government as a scientist. During her tenure as a scientist, Radhika’s personal life went through a huge upheaval. Her beliefs and ideas about life were so shaken that she started to ask, how life really worked? Thus began Radhika’s spiritual journey, which also brought about a career change.

... to Holistic Healing

After Radhika healed herself on physical, emotional and psychological level, in 2012 she decided that she wanted to share the knowledge and processes that healed her, with others who needed them. That year, Radhika achieved her first certification in the field of holistic healing. Ever since, her quest for knowing more has made her attend many more courses and learn more techniques in the field of holistic healing.


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