The biology of miracles

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Science and spirituality have been considered poles apart by the popular culture for centuries. However, there are always a handful of those like myself, who consider them two sides of the same coin. Lately, there has been a shift, although not a significant one, towards considering the possibility that these two ways of experiencing our world might be pointing to the same experience … that of the eternal truth that underlies our Universe.

Scientists have started entertaining the idea that the material world might be originating from and being influenced by the non-material entity that we call consciousness. This then leads to the idea that each one of us influences the material world, the reality, with each of our individual consciousnesses. Around the world, spiritual teachers and renowned scientists are coming together and offering their insights on the coming together of these two very important, yet estranged-so-far fields of experience and research.

The Biology of Miracles is an online, 3 lesson course, offered by celebrated spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer and visionary scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton, from 29th August until 12th September, 2013. In this course, Dr. Wayne Dyer imparts age-old spiritual wisdom, while encouraging us to look within for the truth of who we really are. Dr. Bruce Lipton delves into the cutting-edge science discipline of Epi-genetics that tells us how our own thoughts and beliefs turn our genes on and off, deciding whether we suffer from a particular dis-ease. Heredity of health problems is a passé!

Both of them together will enlighten us about our own true nature, the power each of us holds within us to create our own reality, how incidences we consider miraculous are in fact just us realising and executing our true ability in a moment of truth and many more such eye-opening concepts we are now ready to know.

Click the image above for more details and information on how to register. If you can’t make it at the time and day of live broadcast, you will get unlimited access to the mp3s of the lectures.

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