Shamanic Journeying

ShamanicJourneyingPartOne02-Intro-RectangleWhat if you could enter into a parallel world of consciousness and receive accurate guidance on whatever life situations you face? Well, I’ve got good news … you can!  Through a practice called shamanic journeying, you can seek and receive this guidance as well as healing for yourself and others. If you’re interested in learning this powerful skill, you won’t want to miss a free, online workshop with Sandra Ingerman, world-renowned teacher of shamanism, called The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying: How to Access Inner Guidance from Helping Spirits. Last time she offered this event in 2014, more than 13,500 people signed up!

Sandra has been teaching shamanic journeying to seekers and practitioners for more than 30 years. Learning this powerful practice helps you gain greater clarity and insight into any number of life challenges, from medical issues to difficult family dynamics to imbalanced relationships – even business or work struggles. During this free virtual event, you’ll learn:

  • Why shamanism is relevant to our modern culture and improving the quality of your life emotionally, mentally and physically
  • How shamans view emotional and physical illness (this is fascinating and empowering information!)
  • How to harness the power of ceremony to create healing and spark transformation

I invite you to join me for this fascinating workshop with one’s the most renowned master teachers of shamanism. Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the call. Don’t miss your chance to experience Sandra as she advances your understanding of shamanic journeying, helping spirits, territories in the hidden realms and how to access an alternate reality so you can heal and transform your reality. It’s free, but you must register here to receive access details.

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