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Today is the last day of the 1st moth of this new year, of 2017. 2017 is a ‘1’ year. What does that mean? It means, according to Numerology, this is a good year for starts and changes. Read my top tips to help make the process of a start or a change easier, in my last post here.

When you are starting something new or going through a change, a transition, it is extremely important to love yourself through the process – to build yourself up rather than beat yourself down. For most – if not all – of us, merely accepting ourselves exactly as we are is a very challenging process. Loving ourselves is a tall ask. The act of accepting and/or loving ourselves is intimately connected to our self-esteem. The lower the self-esteem and self-confidence, the more difficult it is to look into the mirror and say “I love you!”. Hence, Radiance Holistic Wellness has launched a video series – absolutely free – to support you in the process of raising your self-esteem. Watching this video series, you will understand

  • the real reason behind why we don’t stick with new year resolutions.
  • why you suffer from low self-esteem and cannot appreciate yourself for who you are.
  • the step-by-step action plan to help you work towards raising your self-esteem.

So I would encourage you to check out the ‘Magic of Believing in Yourself‘ free video series and start building yourself up today!

Many times people ask me, how does this work? How does saying “I love you!” to myself in the mirror result in more positive beliefs about life and the world? I hear you. The connection is far from obvious … only because truth and wisdom have been compartmentalised and given to us as pieces of a puzzle, while preventing us from seeing the entire puzzle put together, with all these pieces in place. Why that is so, is a topic of an entire, separate post. In this post, however, I will do my best to explain the connection in simple and as few words as possible. What I am about to write, is something that spirituality has conveyed to us since many eons however, science has come to accept (and prove) only in the past few decades.

The Universe – the space-time fabric, in Einstein’s words – is an infinite field of possibilities. It is pure energy, pure potential … potential of what can become real. Each possibility, each reality has it’s own signature vibration, frequency. Out of this ocean of infinite possibilities, who or what makes certain possibilities a reality? It is the consciousness … human or otherwise. In case of human beings, we execute our ability to create our reality through our thoughts. We think a thought, which has an energy vibration of it’s own. That vibration then attracts more vibrations like it … more thoughts similar to the earlier one. That avalanche of thoughts – vibrations – attracts an avalanche similar in vibration, but this time in material form, as an experience. When we are born in this human form, we start observing our surroundings. We start observing other human beings around us, their ways, their attitudes, their talk, their actions … and that defines for us, what is possible and what is not. Those definitions become our beliefs and they dictate the experiences in our lives – how we feel about our life, ourselves and the world. Our thoughts and beliefs have their own energetic vibration, as mentioned earlier. So this becomes the vibration of our being and that then attracts similar vibrations to it … as other human beings or experiences.

So … you are powerful beyond your imagination. Become aware, become empowered and make the Magic happen!

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