Look within for unconditional love

Valentine’s Day happened a fortnight ago. I shared with you, why you need to fall in love with yourself first and 5 ways to do it. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the concept of ‘unconditional love’.

We’ve all heard this term.Unconditional love. What is it? Love that is infallible under any and all circumstances, love that is unwavering, love that is not dependent on or dictated by any conditions. However, how many of us have experienced unconditional love? I say, no one. This is not being pessimistic or cynical about life. This is simply acknowledging what is.

Human beings are created in such a way that when we interact with another being – human or otherwise – we have expectations. When we take on this physical form, we learn about the material world around us from the moment of birth. Based on our experiences, we form certain opinions and expectations about what does and doesn’t go on in our world. The formation of expectations is an integral part of human existence. If we did not have expectations and preferences, we would not put forth any manifestations out into the Universe. When it comes to interacting with other beings, we expect them to behave in certain way, based on our experience thus far. We expect a lion to be dangerous to us. We expect our mother to be loving to us.

When we ‘fall in love’ with someone, we’re really loving the experience of our expectations being fulfilled by the other being – expectations about what a romantic partner is supposed to look like, be like, feel like. These expectations are, in turn, defined by other romantic / marital relationships we’ve seen, the pop culture, books and these days, movies and television. As much as or as long as, the person fits our expectations, we’re ‘in love with’ them. If they start showing characteristics that don’t fit our expectations, our love starts to wither away. This is a natural process based on the current human psyche and emotional / spiritual growth.

The only place we could find true unconditional love is where there are no expectations or judgements. No human being is capable of this … not even a parent. Animals come close, as long as their basic survival is not hampered by your actions. However, the only place where we experience true unconditional love is the Source. The good thing for us is that each one of us has the ability to connect to the Source and feel this unconditional love. For that to happen, however, we need to silent our chattering mind, become still and look within. A daily spiritual practice – not necessarily meditating with legs crossed and eyes closed – is a great way to slowly but steadily strengthen your connection with the Source.

Before next Valentine’s Day, find the love … within.

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  1. Melani Lavington
    March 28, 2017

    yes self love is a must. No one knows what you need only you..I am too learning the lesson of self love and only I am responsible for loving me…..

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