Leadership Roundtable

LeadershipAcademy-Intro-AdGraphic-rectangleIf you’re aiming at shifting our culture to one that is conscious, sustainable and whole, then it’s vital that you rise to the highest level of leadership that you can. You want to be a leader that is heart-centred AND effective, philanthropic AND abundant, spiritually-based AND practical. To learn more about how to cultivate the best leader within you, join me on Saturday, December 5, for The Shift Leadership Roundtable: A Virtual Workshop to Take Your Soul’s Mission to the Next Level.

During this free workshop, you’ll receive powerful insights from eight of the most respected experts on spiritually-based leadership in the world, including: Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Andrew Harvey, Monica Sharma, Tim Kelly, Sherri Lassilaand Susan Cannon and Stephen Dinan. This panel of accomplished leaders explores –  given all the challenges in the world – how we can REALLY step up to the next level as change-makers. Expect to walk away from this conversation inspired and better equipped to:

    •    Integrate your full Self into your leadership.
    •    Monetize your mission without selling out.
    •    Employ the best practices of conscious leaders for inner development.
    •    Use the arts to open up new capacities in the people you lead.
    •    Speak from your heart so that you touch and motivate others.

During The Shift Leadership Roundtable you’ll receive expert advice, inspiration, and the practical next steps for developing your vision and realizing your dream through your company or nonprofit. This event is free — all you need to do is register here. If you’re committed to becoming even more of the leader you were born to be, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

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