Angel Healing

The Angels are always around us. However, once we know who our Angels are and start asking for guidance from them often, life starts to flow. Come and experience the Angel guidance through Angel Card readings. Do a workshop to learn more about these benevolent Beings of Light.

Creator of Angel Therapy®, Doreen Virtue, shares what it is all about.


We offer

  • Angel Card readings (30 min) – Receive guidance from the Angels regarding anything that is troubling your heart. We offer readings with various card decks that deal with certain specific areas of our lives. All the card decks we use have been designed by Doreen Virtue, PhD and her associates.
  • Angel Healing sessions (1 hour) – Share your problem or query with the Angels and let them heal the situation for you. Therapy involves communicating with YOUR Angels through the Oracle Cards, receiving their guidance and meditation to facilitate the healing / resolution of the situation.
  • Angel Healing Workshop (2 days) – Become aware of YOUR guardian Angels, get attuned to YOUR personal Angel Cards deck, let the Angels balance your Chakras and prepare you to share the knowledge of Angel Card reading and Angel therapy with the world.

To book a reading or a healing session