Awakening with a modern mystic

You know how sometimes you meet someone who is so extraordinary that you just have to share them with your friends and allies? I feel that way about Bill Bauman. He’s one of the most enlightened beings I’ve ever come across.  He’s shown me what it means to be truly awake … and human…. and enormously playful!

MysticChrist-IntroAd-rectangleI want you to have an opportunity to see for yourself what a blessing he is, which is why I’m inviting you to an event called Activating the Mystic Christ Within You: An Initiation into Deeper Love, Spiritual Power and the Blessings of Light, on Wednesday, August 19 at 5:30pm Pacific.

What he’ll be teaching is that it’s time for all of us to go beyond seeing Christ as an historical person on a pedestal, to seeing it as a sacred presence and divine potential within your very own heart and soul. From that vantage, Christ is a LEVEL of consciousness. And when you open to your own Christ consciousness and presence, you become far more loving and powerful, as well as deeply connected to Source. If you are ready to connect with your internal Christ-presence and say yes to your soul’s calling, Bill Bauman can really help you.  He’s a former priest, spiritual initiate, and modern-day mystic (and a very funny guy) who can literally transmit understandings into others (as strange as that might sound!).

Bill is able to help you get connected, or reconnected, to your own Christ-light within.  He’ll share with you:

  • Practices for activating Christ Consciousness and then continuing to do so in increasingly profound ways.
  • Methods for turning every thought, action and relationship into a blessing and expression of love.
  • A guided practice that will put you in direct connection with your own Christ nature.

And just to be very clear, this is not an event just for Christians.  It’s for people of any religious tradition or “spiritual-but-not-religious” leanings. It’s really about discovering a potential within everyone rather than about holding specific beliefs.

Join me for this complimentary online seminar that can open your eyes, your heart and your soul to the vast power that resides within you!

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